Hannah Rebekah (sleepy_geeky) wrote in atla_postsecret,
Hannah Rebekah

First Post!

Hi, I'm a fairly new avatard! You may have seen me around avatar_fans. Anyway, I decided to try one or two today...

These are more like the same secret from different points of view. :P

... I just realized that I posess an unhealthy number of grunge fonts.
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Lol- nice font! They're pretty cool, and go great with the mood ^_^
Welcome and join our Avatard-madness!
Thanks! The font is called "fail" and it's available at dafont.com. Just in case there are other font maniacs out there. :D
:D Cool! lol
Welcome to the community, sleepy! *offers traditional welcoming jello*

Oh, these are nice. Very fitting, with the fonts and the colors and such. The first one was my favorite of the two, but they both roxor. And it is impossible to have an "unhealthy number" of any kind of font, so stop saying that it is. ;) Don't worry, though; everyone here knows that it's impossible to go to dafont.com and not download catastrophic numbers of fonts.
Mmm, jello.

Thank you very much for the comments! Dafont is truely killing my laptop. ;.;